Wedding Party

Matron of Honor:  Kristy Phillips Thomson facebook

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Friends with Agatha since 8th grade, Kristy and Agatha grew up in the same neighborhood in Toccoa, GA (on Rosedale Street and Willowdell Drive).  Kristy is the Director of Education for Hometown Health, and now resides in Clarkesville, GA with her husband, John Lee, and two sons, Jack and Luke.

Maid of Honor:  Susie Loraine  facebook

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Agatha’s next door neighbor and first friend in Greenville, South Carolina in 2008. Their houses were so close, they could use a tin can phone system to communicate.  Susie has an extreme fear of birds, and Agatha defends her from them.  Susie is a speech-language pathologist and a Director with EBS Healthcare, and now resides in West Chester, PA.

Bridesmaid:  Claire Nichols Zimmerman  facebook

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Agatha’s sister, who has known her all of her life. Claire and Agatha share the hobby of avid Craigslist shopping.  Claire is a clinical social worker/therapist with her own practice, and is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.  She resides in Athens, GA, with her husband, Larry.  Their children are George, Arizona, Jasmine, and Micah, and their grandchildren are Shane and Callie.

Bridesmaid:  Salli Chism Lehman  facebook

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Friends with Agatha since 8th grade in Toccoa, Georgia.  Salli was also a fellow Georgette and her college roommate at the University of Georgia in Athens.  Salli is a pediatrician and now resides in Thomasville, GA, with her husband, Tim Lehman, and two children, Rose and Joseph.

Bridesmaid/Flower Girl:  Erin Riojas  facebook

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Friends with Agatha since 2009.  Erin works as an editor for Super Duper Publications, and also lives around the corner from Agatha and Kenton in Greenville, SC with her adorable cat, Smitty.  Erin loves hot dogs, especially a good Chicago dog.  She also does stand-up cat comedy on the side as Paulette Kowalski.

Parents of the Bride:  Alec & Susan Nichols

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The late Alec and Susan Nichols will be remembered during the wedding ceremony.  Alec was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.  He voluntarily joined South African forces fighting in WWII in support of his many Jewish friends. He fought in North Africa and was captured and held as WWII POW first in Italy, then in Germany. He spent much time there learning the languages of his fellow POW’s as well as some German. They enjoyed doing Shakespeare plays while there and Alec being the fairer of his peers, often played the female roles. After the war, he worked for the UN placing refugees in Austria.   Later, he took a job as a cataloguer at Sotheby’s and spent hours cataloguing and looking things up and started reading about antique rugs.  This began his career in antique rugs (Persian, Oriental, etc), and he traveled all over buying rugs and holding rug auctions.  Susan was born in Atlanta, but grew up in the Chicago area.  She was valedictorian of her high school class.  She went to Sweetbriar College and the University of Illinois.  Susan studied abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris, and then went to London to be a French teacher.  She majored in French and loved all things French.  Susan met Alec in London where she was living and teaching. They met because he was her neighbor, and she needed to borrow some wine glasses. “Thought he might have some because he always had empty wine bottles…”   They lived in London for a few years where Bill and Claire were born, and then moved to Luxembourg.  Once Susan was pregnant with Agatha, the family moved to South Africa, at first to Johannesburg and then to Cape Town, where Agatha was born.  After a brief time back in London, the family moved to Toccoa, GA.  Susan died in Toccoa in 1994 at the age of 54, and Alec died in McDonough, GA, in 2008 at the age of 88.

Best Man:  Nathan Pitts  facebook

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One of Kenton’s best friends since 8th grade.  Nathan recently got his PhD in Psychology from the University of South Carolina.  Nathan is currently a school psychologist for the Spartanburg School District.  He is also an aspiring guitarist, and a big fan of Bruce Springsteen. Nathan is married to Mary Ellen, and Kenton is Godfather of their daughter, Maggie.  The Pitts family lives in Taylors, SC.

Groomsman:  Rodney Allison

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Rodney has been Kenton’s brother since he was born.  He is a professional carpenter.  He can fix anything!  He is also the father of Clay, Eden, and Reid.  He is the grandfather of Daven Allison, and a brand new granddaughter, Scarlet!  Rodney and his wife, Lori, live in Anderson, SC.

Groomsman:  Jason Shaw 

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Jason and Kenton have known each other since high school.  He designs hardwood floors for Shaw Floors, and he is also a very talented artist.  Jason lives in Taylors, SC, with his wife, Laura, and their new daughter, Claire.

Groomsman:  Russell Allison  facebook

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Kenton’s eldest brother, Russell, is a poet and philosopher.  He is also a gifted horticulturist and songwriter.  Russell lives in LA (Lower Anderson), SC.

Groomsman:  Bill Nichols  facebook

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Agatha’s brother, who has known her all of her life.  Bill, along with Agatha’s brother-in-law, Larry, got much better acquainted with Kenton during last year’s UGA/USC football game.  Bill is a wealth management advisor at Morgan Stanley, and resides in Atlanta, GA.  He’s an avid runner and enjoys tennis. Bill has a fondness for dachshunds, and has two at home, precious Dudley and little Gimpy.

Parents of the Groom:  Ken & Pattie Allison

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Ken and Pattie reside in Anderson, SC, with Leo, their Bichon Frisé.  Ken is a retired local radio and television personality / real estate broker.  He loves BBC Television, as well as Clemson football.  Pattie is a retired Vice President of Bank of America and a current antique mogul.  She has a booth at Apple Dumplin’ Antique Mall in Anderson on N. Main Street.  Ken and Pattie met on Halloween night, and Pattie was dressed as a scarecrow.  She and Ken danced together (which is a big deal for Ken!).  They went on their first date that same weekend at the Steak and Ale restaurant.  By that Thanksgiving, they decided to get married, when Ken asked her to be his sweetheart, “which comes with a lot of strings attached.”  Pattie agreed to be “his swingin’ young thing” and they were married on January 8, 1978, and have been happily married ever since.  They have always enjoyed camping together and being in nature and the mountains, and still like to get away often to their Great Smoky Mountains cottage that overlooks Jonathan Creek in Maggie Valley.  Ken and Pattie celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this year!  Kenton is Pattie and Ken’s only son together, and Ken has two sons, Rodney and Russell, from a previous marriage.   They would really love lots of grandchildren.

Other Participants

  • Welcome Ambassadors:  Patti and Billy Chism
  • Ceremony Vocalist (Niece of the Groom):  Eden Allison
  • Memorial Candle Lighting:  Jamie Williams
  • Photo Booth:  Amber and Bryan Hodgson
  • Send Off:  Quintina Owens and Molly Hollingsworth

Click here to learn about the Bride and Groom.

Click here to access the “Wedding Party Members Only Page” (Password Required).


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