Guest Card Comments

Staircase in Main Hall at the Old Cigar Warehouse

Staircase in the Old Cigar Warehouse

Step Right Up!

Check out these guest card comments collected at various pre-wedding events.

Advice for the bride/groom

  • Both: Love each other every day. Look each other in the eye when you say “I love you.” ~Pattie Allison
  • Bride: 1. You can either be right or you can be happy.   2. NEVER stop dating. ~Rachel Sanders
  • Bride: Compromise. ~Cheryl Rahman
  • Groom: Compromise more. ~Cheryl Rahman
  • Groom: Kenton, keep on doing what you’re doing! Take good care of Ag, and she’ll take care of you. Welcome to the family. Love, Kristy ~Kristy Thomson
  • Bride: Leave Post-It “suggestions” for him around the house. ~Erin Riojas
  • Groom: Just do what they say. ~Erin Riojas
  • Both: Don’t get mad at the same time. ~Dixie Rich, aka “Mimmie”
  • Bride: Hire a cleaning lady. ~Salli Lehman
  • Bride: Enjoy every day. BE PATIENT. ~Lori Allison
  • Groom: Agatha is precious…treasure her. ~Lori Allison
  • Both:  Congrats on your engagement. We wish you the best of luck. Here are a few ways we keep the love alive: 1. The couple that plays together stays together.  2. Cherish the times together.  Miss one another when you’re apart.  3. Keep the fridge stocked with beer and the cupboard with wine!!.  4. Agatha’s always right!  5. Surprise each other once in awhile.  6. Plan for the marriage, not just the wedding.  7. Go on lots of vacations.  8. Balance work and life well.  9. Kiss each other with passion once a day.  10. Don’t let the sun set on anger and love with all you have!!! Love, Kat & Jami ~Kat De La Cruz and Jami Christian
  • Both:  Marriage advice from a single girl:  1. Stock up on Post-Its.  2. Don’t share closets.  End of list.  I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait for the big ol’ party!  Let me know if you want me to do a Bible reading.  Love, Erin ~Erin Riojas
  • Both:  Marriage is a relationship in which one person is right and the other is Kenton. ~Jamie Chu
  • Groom:  May the force be with you.  You’re gonna love us!  ~Tim and Salli Lehman
  • Bride:  Never underestimate the power of Judds therapy.  ~Tim and Salli Lehman
  • Both:  Marriage is not 50/50.  It’s 100/100!  ~Laura Shaw
  • Bride:  Don’t do anything the first month of marriage you don’t want to do forever!  ~Laura Shaw
  • Both:  Listen, Listen, Listen.  Know you will grow together as a couple, but also will be growing as individuals…  Allow each other the growing room.  ~Toccoa Crowd
  • Both:  Give it up a lot, even if you don’t want to.  It’s worth it.  ~Anonymous
  • Both:  Lee and I decided that after 12 years of marriage that our favorite sex is “vacation sex” – so go on vacation A LOT.  Love you both.  ~Lee and Kim Perkins
  • Bride:  Patience!  Never nag. ~Anonymous
  • Groom:  Close shower curtain and toilet seat always! ~Anonymous
  • Groom:  Agatha is always right.  ~Laura Shaw
  • Groom:  1.  Beat her every Monday whether she needs it or not. (LOL – From Horace).  2.  Kiss her and tell her you love her EVERY DAY! ~Lee Perkins
  • Groom:  Always desire and plan to date your bride at year 1, 2, 3, year 3 and 4 months, next week, forever. ~Kim Perkins
  • Bride:  Be patient. ~Steve Sloan
  • Groom:  Listen and hear what’s being said. ~Steve Sloan
  • Bride:  Don’t nit pick and smile often. ~Amy Essing
  • Groom:  Remember stuff. ~Kenton Allison
  • Groom:  Buy a comfortable couch (for sleeping on). ~Cliff Sams
  • Bride:  Commit. ~Rodney Allison (Pop)
  • Groom:  Never angry just confused. ~Rodney Allison (Pop)

Where do you see the bride and groom in 15 years?

  • Learning to handle the “TEEN YEARS.” ~Pattie Allison
  • On a yacht in the Riveria. ~Cheryl Rahman
  • Wondering why did we do this. ~Dixie Rich, aka “Mimmie”
  • With 2 kids. ~Amber Hodgson
  • Happily married with 3 kids and 2 dogs. ~Lori Allison
  • With 25 babies!! Woo-hoo! ~Molly Hollingsworth
  • Baby who is a teenager – 2 children!! ~Anonymous
  • One will be in prison.  One will be missing.  ~Nathan Pitts
  • Hopefully not in Anderson! ~Laura Shaw
  • Living in a big city. ~Steve Sloan
  • In wedded bliss. ~Kenton Allison

Favorite memory of the bride/groom

  • Bride: Riding home on the school bus up Rosedale Street, Agatha was about 3 years old, naked in the front yard. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” I asked.  “Because I’m a dog and dogs don’t wear clothes…” ~Claire Zimmerman
  • Bride: Agatha kissing a spectator [on the cheek] at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in a hot pink costume. “Welcome to Georgia!” ~Salli Lehman
  • Bride: The summer we lived at my pool. Stealing all the quarters from my brother’s Coca Cola bottle and eating foot long hotdogs and Blizzards. Honorable mention: My education from Agatha’s diary and Orange Crush. ~Jamie Williams
  • Bride: Driving down the road singing “Orange Colored Sky.” ~Susan McDonald
  • Bride: “Never been sweet OR cute.” ~Dixie Rich, aka “Mimmie”
  • Bride: “Is that my hair color?” Sharing an apartment during the UGA years, game days, being co-dance captains at SCHS. All the dancing through the years. ~Crystal Arata
  • Both: Think it was the first time Kenton had ever come over in the evening to hang out with Agatha, and I answered the door as her butler (in my workout clothes because we’d just gotten done “working out” with wine in the mini-house), and Kenton and I had a workout/athletic competition – was just such a fun time – truly excited to see Agatha and Kenton married. I love them much. ~Amber Hodgson
  • Both: I had lunch with Pattie, the groom’s mother, sometime last year.  During the lunch she got very emotional while telling me all about Kenton’s fabulous new(ish) girlfriend. She told me how great Agatha was, how much she loved her already, and that she really hoped she could pass down her family heirloom ring (FINALLY!) if/when Kenton proposed. Several months later, that dream came true! ~Eden Allison
  • Both: After Christmas celebration at their home. ~Lori Allison
  • Both: Hopefully their wedding. ~Cheryl Rahman
  • Both: Really one of their 1st dates: interstate–Q driving–sunroof–police–“Welcome to Ag’s World!”–Kenton’s face was priceless. ~Quintina Owens
  • Both:  Going to Agatha’s house for the first time to celebrate Kenton’s birthday. ~Laura Shaw
  • Both:  Dancing at Corner Pocket. ~Steve Sloan
  • Both:  Every new day is my favorite. ~Kenton Allison
  • Both:  Still to be born. ~Rodney Allison (Pop)

Other well wishes

  • I’m so happy for y’all.  Love you and love celebrating with you!  Here’s to what’s to come – all the good stuff!  ~Molly Hollingsworth
  • Love you bunches! ~Quintina Owens
  • Congratulations!  Love y’all!  ~Amy Franklin
  • Congratulations!  Love! ~Kristy Thomson and Jamie Williams
  • Congratulations on your engagement!  ~Tammy Mangum
  • To rape, riot, and revolution, make prostitution legal, and may “motherf###er” become a household name.  ~Anonymous
  • Congrats you two!  Can’t wait for the big day! Love, Laura  ~Laura Shaw
  • Congratulations!  Wishing you love all your years…  ~Liz Wright
  • Best Wishes to the both of you!  So excited to be part of your Big Day!  Love, Brent & Shanna  P.S. Bet you can’t wait to have sex for the first time! ~Brent & Shanna Stallo

Favorite dance songs (on RSVP cards)

  • Macho Man ~Cameron & Tara Calder
  • I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight (Cutting Crew) ~Nathan & Mary Ellen Pitts
  • Old Time Rock n’ Roll (Bob Segar) ~Reid Allison & Jordan de Jong
  • Jessie’s Girl ~Brent & Shanna Stallo
  • Dancing on My Own (Robyn); Bring ’em Out (T.I.); PYT (Michael Jackson) ~Erin Riojas
  • Bad Mama Jama ~Tammy Mangum
  • Bust a Move ~Alex & Susan McDonald
  • Take Your Time (SOS Band) ~David Close
  • Footloose ~Ryan & Crystal Arata
  • Goodbye Horses ~Jake of the Harrisons
  • Today’s Hits Pandora Station ~Bryan & Amber Hodgson
  • Funky Cold Medina ~Richard & Leah Allen
  • The One I Love (David Gray) ~Jeff & Kelley Stovall
  • Footloose ~Jamie Williams
  • No Scrubs; Gin & Juice; Pony ~Liz Wright
  • Anything Beach ~Walt & Sara Jane Craft
  • All Night Long (Lionel Richie) ~Clint & Brandee Johnson
  • Sexual Healing ~Lee & Kim Perkins
  • At Last (Eden Allison) ~Ken & Pattie Allison
  • Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On ~Rick & Becky Spivey
  • Get Up Offa That Thing ~Jason & Laura Shaw
  • Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night (Black Eyed Peas); Get Lucky (Daft Punk); Dancin’ with Myself; Jiggy With It; Blurred Lines; Don’t Bring Me Down “Roosk” ~Susie Loraine
  • Footloose ~Saanyaan & Cheryl Rahman
  • Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston) ~Kat De La Cruz & Jami Christian
  • Boot Scoot Boogie ~Justin Humphries & Jessica Soles
  • Blurred Lines ~Patrick & Caroline Bladon
  • The Way We Were ~Sandra Conn
  • Good Vibrations (Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch) ~Jill Parmenter
  • Footloose ~Tim & Salli Lehman
  • Beach music ~R.W. (Billy) Wilkes & Diane B. Lee
  • Hora Hava Nagila; Turn Me On (Kevin Lyttle) ~Larry & Claire Zimmerman
  • You Dropped the Bomb on Me (Gap Band) ~Richard & Sunshine McClendon
  • Old Time Rock n’ Roll; I Know You Want It ~Billy & Patti Chism
  • Anything from the 80’s ~Amy Franklin
  • 60’s music (all) ~Brenda Allen
  • Any shag song ~Nick & June Hopkins

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