How We Met & Our Timeline

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How It All Started

Kenton and Agatha met on!  “ has led to more dates, more relationships, and more marriages than any other dating site.”  According to recent statistics, 20% of relationships, or 1 in 5, start on an online dating site, and 17% of couples married in the last 7 years, or 1 in 6, met each other on an online dating site.

Kenton initiated contact with Agatha by sending her an email.  She checked out his profile, but wasn’t interested at first because part of his profile was created using what we’ll refer to as “tips from an online dating expert,” but Agatha figured it out right away.  He was persistent and quick-witted in his emails, and he finally won Agatha over with his unique charm.

Kenton's Profile Photo

Kenton’s Profile Picture

Agatha's Profile Photo

Agatha’s Profile Picture

Relationship Timeline

  • 09/21/11:  Kenton (“wineguyallday”) first contacted Agatha (“ASN838”) via email.
    • Subject:  “Do like milk with ice?”
    • “So you’re probably going to need to work on your self confidence a little… Kidding! Just read your profile and have a feeling you and I could get along pretty well.”
  • 09/22/11:  Agatha replied with one line and a link to the so-called expert tips to let Kenton know that she was aware of some lack of creativity in his profile.
    • “Dear Mr. Wine, I’m on to you.”
  • 09/22/11:  Kenton replied.
    • “You’re a regular Nancy Drew of Match.”
    • “Regardless, I’m still pretty sure you and I could get along pretty well. And I am way charming.”
  • 09/26/11:  Kenton finally changed his profile and emailed Agatha again.
    • Subject:  “I switched it up.”
    • “Tell me what you think of the new profile… I’m Kenton by the way.”
  • 10/03/11:  They became Facebook friends.
  • 10/04/11:  Kenton finally asks Agatha to meet in person.
  • 10/05/11:  First date: Drinks at Nose Dive in downtown Greenville, and a long chat by the fountain in front of the Westin Poinsett.
    • Agatha’s friend, Amber, told her earlier that day, “Wear something nice for your date, because I have a feeling you’re going to marry this one.” 
    • Kenton wore his “Pour Some Sugar On Me” jeans.
  • 10/16/11:  First kiss after Fall for Greenville (and Agatha’s birthday).
  • 12/10/11:  Car accident during trip to Maggie Valley and Asheville, NC. 
    • Agatha’s butt was to blame.  
    • Kenton’s quote the next morning: “You don’t really know what a couple is all about until they experience some adversity together, and that was some adversity.” 
  • 12/24/11:  Kenton met Agatha’s family for the first time.
  • 12/25/11:  Agatha met Kenton’s parents for the first time.
  • 07/15/12:  Kenton moved in.
  • 01/12/13:  Engaged!  (Click here for the proposal story.)
  • 10/04/13:  Married!  Two years after our first date! (Click here for wedding details.)

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